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Getting solar panels is a great way to make a difference for our environment. Discover other sources of renewable energy, the environmental impacts of your green home, what the future holds for solar technology and more!

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Solar Panel Efficiency: A Quick Guide

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Wind turbines in field with mountains in the distance.

How Lifetime Emissions Of Different Energy Sources Stack Up

Energy Efficiency

Martha Sandoval Feb 17, 2023

Rocket Solar analyzed data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to see how greenhouse gas emissions differ among energy sources throughout their life cycle.

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Solar technicians in hard hats working on solar panel farm.

Visualizing Solar Power Capacity Across US

Energy Efficiency 4-Minute Read

Jane Allison Gunn Feb 14, 2023

Rocket SolarSM cited data from the EIA to analyze solar utility use and development and how it's grown over the past 30 years.

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Buffalo, New York skyline at sunset.

The 12 Greenest Cities Across The US

Energy Efficiency 9-Minute Read

David Collins Jan 3, 2023

The top 3 most sustainable cities in Northeast, Midwest, South, and West ranked by their eco-friendliness, including Buffalo, Duluth, and Santa Rosa.

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Wind farm of multiple wind mills in Albany, West Australia.

Solar Vs. Wind: Which Green Energy Source Is Best For Homes?

Energy Efficiency 7-Minute Read

Sarah Lozanova Dec 7, 2022

Solar vs. wind – what’s better for homeowners thinking of producing green energy? Uncover the facts to see which renewable energy source will work best for you.

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Wind turbines at sunset.

The Side Benefits Of Clean Energy

Energy Efficiency 5-Minute Read

Eliza Siegel Dec 30, 2022

Explore the benefits of clean energy, including how many new jobs clean energy is providing, and learn how much money a carbon tax could raise during the next decade.

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Solar panel farm at sunset.

How The Cost Of Solar Panels Has Fallen

Energy Efficiency 3-Minute Read

Lauren Liebhaber Jan 4, 2023

Rocket Solar cited data from the Energy Information Administration to look at how the cost of solar panels has fallen and what that means for electric power in the U.S. 

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