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Getting solar panels is a great way to make a difference for our environment. Discover other sources of renewable energy, the environmental impacts of your green home, what the future holds for solar technology and more!

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Solar Panel Efficiency: A Quick Guide

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House with solar panels on the roof.

The Future Of Solar Energy For Homeowners

Energy Efficiency 5-Minute Read

Sarah Lozanova Sep 15, 2022

What’s the future of solar energy? Read on to see what policies, actions and innovations can help expand this source of clean energy and cut fossil fuels use.

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Panels in field during day.

The Homeowner’s Guide To Solar Power

Energy Efficiency 5-Minute Read

Hanna Kielar Sep 15, 2022

Are you looking for ways to reduce your utility bills or your carbon footprint? Your answer may be solar power. Lean here whether it’s a good fit for your home.

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Two men looking at a n ipad for energy audit.

Do You Need An Energy Audit Before Installing A Solar Panel System?

Energy Efficiency 4-Minute Read

Hanna Kielar Jul 26, 2022

An energy audit, or home energy assessment, can be helpful for gauging the efficiency of your home. Learn how this process works and whether you need an audit.

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Creating the solar panel.

What’s The Environmental Impact Of Solar Energy?

Energy Efficiency 4-Minute Read

Sidney Richardson Jul 5, 2022

What’s the environmental impact of solar energy from homes? Find out whether installing solar panels at home makes a significant difference on the environment.

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Mom And Child Brushing Teeth Together In Pjs.

10 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Energy Efficiency 7-Minute Read

Melissa Brock Jun 17, 2022

What is a carbon footprint and why is it important? Read on to learn more, and for 10 tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Solar panels in a field with wind mills in the back.

A Quick Guide To Renewable Energy Credits

Energy Efficiency 5-Minute Read

Sarah Lozanova Apr 15, 2022

Renewable Energy Credits are, in theory, a way for people to support green energy sources. Read on to see whether they’re a good option for you.

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