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Woman looking on computer with calculator.

Solar Incentives And Rebates For Homeowners

Solar Financing 6-Minute Read

Sarah Lozanova Sep 15, 2022

Solar panel state and federal solar rebates and additional incentives can help make going solar more affordable. Read on to learn about current solar incentives.

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Couple Looking At Solar Panels.

Pros And Cons Of Leasing Solar Panels

Solar Financing 6-Minute Read

Melissa Brock Sep 15, 2022

Leasing solar panels can let you produce renewable energy for your home with little upfront cost. But do the pros of leasing solar panels outweigh the cons?

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Woman in sweater on calculator filing taxes.

A Complete Guide To The Federal Solar Tax Credit

Solar Financing 5-Minute Read

Sarah Lozanova Sep 12, 2022

The federal solar tax credit can be claimed on your federal income taxes if your property has a solar panel system. Learn more about the solar tax credit here. 

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Watthour Meter.

What You Should Know About Free Solar Panels

Solar Financing 7-Minute Read

Sarah Lozanova Sep 9, 2022

You’ve probably noticed many advertisements for free solar panels recently. Read on to know if this is a legitimate offer or one with too many strings attached.

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Solar panels in a field with sunset in background.

Why Solar Panels Are Expensive – And Why They’re Worth It

Solar Financing 5-Minute Read

Hanna Kielar Sep 8, 2022

Solar panels are an expensive upgrade for homeowners. Read on to see why they can be worth the expense as a long-term investment.

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Solar panels on red roof in daylight.

Solar Panels: Grants For Homeowners To Consider

Solar Financing 4-Minute Read

Hanna Kielar Jul 12, 2022

See how solar panel grants for homeowners can help you enjoy energy savings and provide the necessary funding to make your home a source of renewable energy.

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Row of houses with solar panels on them.

How Much Do Solar Panels Save Homeowners?

Solar Financing 7-Minute Read

Sarah Lozanova Apr 5, 2022

Solar panels continue to gain in popularity around the country. But how much do solar panels save homeowners? Read on to find out.

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