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Your Questions About Solar Energy And Solar Panels, Answered

Solar Basics

46 Articles

Learn the basics about how solar panels work. We have answers to your questions about upfront costs, home requirements, the installation process and potential long-term savings.

Solar Financing

8 Articles

Learn about government incentives, net metering and solar loans that could help you on the path to solar ownership.

Solar Ownership

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Maintaining and monitoring your solar system is key to preserving peak performance and your home's value. Stay up to date on the latest products in energy storage and solar ownership tips.

Energy Efficiency

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Getting solar panels is a great way to make a difference for our environment. Discover other sources of renewable energy, the environmental impacts of your green home, what the future holds for solar technology and more!

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Older man with glasses looking at his laptop.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar Ownership 5-Minute Read

Dan Miller Sep 16, 2022

Wondering if solar panels are worth it? We’ll discuss why solar panels are a worthwhile investment and what you should consider before purchasing them.

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Portrait of beautiful young Asian couple using laptop on the sofa at home.

A Quick Guide To Solar Panel Cost

Solar Basics 8-Minute Read

Sarah Lozanova Sep 16, 2022

If you’re trying to go green, it helps to to know about solar panel cost. Keep reading to see if solar panels make financial sense for you and your home.

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Male worker on roof installing solar panels.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar Basics 8-Minute Read

Hanna Kielar Sep 16, 2022

"How long do solar panels last?” is a common question from homeowners. Read on to see answers about how long the components of a solar panel system can last.

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Electrician man working with wires outside of house.

Solar Inverters: A Beginner’s Guide To Type, Size And Cost

Solar Basics 5-Minute Read

Hanna Kielar Sep 16, 2022

Solar inverters are an important part of every solar panel system. Find out what they are, what they do and how to choose the right one for your home.

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House with solar panels on the roof.

The Future Of Solar Energy For Homeowners

Energy Efficiency 5-Minute Read

Sarah Lozanova Sep 15, 2022

What’s the future of solar energy? Read on to see what policies, actions and innovations can help expand this source of clean energy and cut fossil fuels use.

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Panels in field during day.

The Homeowner’s Guide To Solar Power

Energy Efficiency 5-Minute Read

Hanna Kielar Sep 15, 2022

Are you looking for ways to reduce your utility bills or your carbon footprint? Your answer may be solar power. Lean here whether it’s a good fit for your home.

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